Become an Owner

Looking to join the Dill Pickle community as an owner? Welcome! Are you an existing owner looking to make an installment payment on your equity? Hooray and thank you! Either way, you may do so here via PayPal or in store by cash, check or credit card (Note that the PayPal processing fee is included in each of the payment options listed below. There are no processing fees for in-store equity payments.) Choose the amount from the drop down menu below (the amounts are multiples of $50 + the PayPal processing fee). If you are unsure of how much you have already invested, please contact Ally Young at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

We encourage you to invest as much of the full $250 owner equity as you can now or the $500 maximum investment if you are feeling particularly devoted to the success of Chicago's only cooperative grocery store! Thank you for being an essential part of this grassroots organization!

Number of Installments

Online Subscriptions:  We also have a number of options for ownership payment subscriptions. This is a great way to become a fully vested owner if you are unable to purchase the full $250 equity all at once. You many unsubscribe at any time (scroll down to the bottom of the subscription section).

10-month subscription for full ownership:  You will be automatically billed for $25 (plus the $1.05 PayPal processing fee) per month for 10 months.

Low-income minimum ownership subscription:  Since we realize that parting with $50 at once might be a tall order for folks with limited means, we are also offering a 5-month subscription for the minimum annual ownership payment ($10.61/month - includes PayPal processing fee - for 5 months).  However, we ask that you use this option only if you cannot afford to pay $50 or more up front.  The Co-op urgently needs to raise membership funds to help with our expansion, so we cannot encourage you enough to invest as much of the full $250 ownership as you can as soon as you can. Thank you!


Benefits of Ownership

  • Democratic Governance - As an owner, you vote for the Board of Directors and changes to the co-op's bylaws. The co-op is accountable to you, the owner.
  • Active Involvement - Co-op owners are welcome to get directly involved as committee members, board members or help out in-store as Hands-On Owners.
  • Owner Discounts - The co-op extends a 10% discount to owners one day each month of their choosing. Special owner sales are offered weekly and monthly across the store. Dividends in the form of patronage rebates are distributed to owners when the co-op runs a financial surplus.
  • Boosting the Local Economy - By becoming an owner of the co-op, you're supporting a business that follows sustainable business practices and purchases from other local businesses and farms.


Join the Co-op
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