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Seed & Seedling Swap: Dill Pickle Potluck

Sunday, April 19th, 11am - 2pm
at the Logan Share
2864 N. Milwuakee, 2nd floor

Join the Dill Pickle for a brunch time potluck and seed and seedling swap at the Logan Share. Bring seeds or plant starts to swap with other guests, and bring a dish to share as well.

Also, no need to be a gardener to join us for this fun event!

We will have Sean Shatto, co-op board member and director of Tomato Mountain Farm, on hand to answer some of your questions and to talk a bit about growing in the city.



Dill Pickle Owners, Co-op Allies, and Residents of the Fightin' 39th District,

We're approaching a major milestone in our movement with the modernization of state policies governing cooperative identity, capital and equity, worker ownership, and organizational structure -- big changes made possible by co-op leaders, lawyers, and legislators working together to advance our model of people over profit.

Join State Rep. Will Guzzardi, a fellow Dill Pickle owner and sponsor of the IL Cooperative Act (HB3830), to learn more about the first update to Illinois co-op law in 100 years! Guest Speakers will include attorney Rebecca Osland as well as representatives from the IL Environmental Council and the Center for Workplace Democracy.

Monday April 13, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
at Center Portion: ART + ACTIVISM
2850 1/2 W Fullerton Ave, Logan Square

April 1: store opening at 10am

Heads-up, morning shoppers! We're not fooling: The store will open at 10am on Wednesday, April 1st to allow for quarterly inventory. (Our staff will be super busy counting ALL THE THINGS.) Thanks for your patience!


HB 3830, The Illinois Cooperative Act, passed out of committee last week, sponsored by Rep. Will Guzzardi, a Dill Pickle owner! This bill encourages the growth of co-ops by clarifying and modernizing state laws last updated in 1915. We need your support to get it to the Governor's desk --  ask your Representative to co-sponsor and support HB3830 and ask your Senator to keep an eye out for it and co-sponsor it once it comes to the Senate.

From the Illinois Stewardship Alliance:
"There are a number of food co-ops being proposed around the state including Springfield, Chicago, Macomb and Bloomington. Food co-ops have a long history of sourcing local food at rates far greater than conventional grocery stores, serving as engines for local food system development, offering local farmers and local food entrepreneurs appropriate marketplaces for their products. HB3830 is the product of a coalition of existing co-ops, prospective co-ops, and co-op law experts working together to develop a new modern law for co-ops in Illinois. HB3830 will make it easier for co-ops to raise capital and permit the formation of worker owned co-ops and provide better governance structure and options for co-ops. It was modeled in part after Ohio’s co-op law which is considered one of if not the best in IL.

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