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Expansion Update: the power of principle six

October is National Co-op Month and the Dill Pickle has a lot to celebrate. One of the international principles all co-ops adhere to is Principle Six: cooperation amongst cooperatives. Our expansion project got a big old P6 boost this month when eighteen fellow food co-ops across the midwest pledged a total of $150,000 in loans to fill a gap in our financing! The growing Dill Pickle Food Co-op has support not only from our community owners, but from our sister co-ops too. The cooperative world is cheering on—and backing—the flagship food co-op of Chicago. We hope all our owners join us in sending big love to the co-ops making loans to our success, and by pitching in to finalize our financing with an owner loan or additional equity. Together, we make it happen!

Much gratitude to:
Outpost, Milwaukee, WI
Willy Street, Madison, WI
Seward, Minneapolis, MN
Oryana, Traverse City, MI
New Pioneer, Iowa City, IA
Cook County, Grand Marais, MN
Common Ground, Urbana, IL
Wheatsville, Austin, TX
Eastside, Minneapolis, MN
People’s Food Co-op, Kalamazoo, MI
Sioux Falls Co-op, Sioux Falls, SD
People’s Food Co-op, Rochester/La Crosse, WI
Grain Train, Petoskey, MI
Whole Foods Duluth Co-op, Duluth, MN
Neighborhood, Carbondale, IL
The Merc, Lawrence, KS
Keweenaw, Hancock, MI
St. Peter Co-op, St. Peter, MN

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