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Happening Now: A Cooperative Barn-Raising!

Dill Pickle owners, we're so close to securing our co-op's future at 2746 N Milwaukee Ave-- 91% toward our internal funding goal! We need a final $88K by November 16 to shore up the financial framing of Chicago's flagship food co-op atop the strong foundation of community support we've already built, and it's going to take all 1,900 of us. It's time for a barn-raising:

Lift a beam! Lend to the co-op on your terms: 6-9 years at 0-4% interest through our Owner Loan Program. Connect with our capital campaign team at 773.492.1205 to make a pledge or learn more.

Hammer a nail! Purchase additional equity at $50 a share, up to $500 in fully refundable shares.

We've come so far together: since work commenced on this expansion project in 2013, you've backed site searches and market studies, provided input on store planning, and helped cultivate $862,000 to grow our co-op. Right now, drawings for our new store are moving through the City permitting process-- a store that will carry a wider range of products at more affordable prices, support local vendors, create 30 new jobs, and offer community gathering space. Your vision is so close to becoming a reality!

Join us in this final push, a collective lift to bring our vision to life and keep our project on track. Your investments will ensure that funding is in place to begin construction, order equipment, and open our doors the neighborhood in early 2017. Onward!

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