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This summer is about people power. Together we've raised $550,000 to build a more sustainable store-- offering more good food at lower prices with seating, event space and parking. We've secured a site, completed structural work and schematic design, and entered the permitting process. We're on track to open the doors at 2746 N Milwaukee in early 2017. But we haven’t yet secured funding to begin construction. 

To move forward, we need an additional $360k in community capital by August 31. The future of our cooperative enterprise will unfold over the next 8 weeks. Here's how you can help us succeed: 

  • Lend. Invest in your values through our Owner Loan Program, with 5-9 year terms at 0-4% interest. Be in the company of 155 fellow owner-lenders!
  • Vest up.  Get current on your equity payments, and invest up to $500 in refundable shares. FACT: If each of our 1,800 owners purchased full $250 shares, we'd bring in $205k in new equity alone! 
  • Own it. Open an account on behalf of your organization or business. And spread the word to your friends and neighbors! We need 100 new owners to build our base this summer.
  • Shop your co-op. Make us your first stop! Check out our Basic Needs Basket list for everyday low prices on grocery staples. 
  • Help out. Cover a store shift or tackle a project through our Hands-On Owner program to support our staff. We have 20 open shifts to fill!

Expansion Update: the drawings are in!

Time and money are the two variables that, despite our wishes to the contrary, control the fate of every big project. And it's no coincidence they're the two elements most shrouded by uncertaintly...except for the certaintly that they're always in short supply. The biggest unknown time element for us here in Chicago is how long it will take from the moment we submit our building plans to the city to when we'll have final permits in our eager hands. I'm very excited to say that on Wednesday, July 13, we submitted our drawings to the city! Our expeditor is working his magic to move things along and, considering how our structural permitting process went pretty smoothly, we expect to have our permits for final buildout by early September. This lines up nicely with our capital campaign, which we're counting on wrapping up at the end of the summer. These two stars must align for our new store to come to life. Help add a little certainty to our financing by making a loan or, if that's not a possibility, vesting a little more equity. And many many thanks to the more than 150 owners who have already lent and the hundreds more supporting with their equity, their patronage and their time! We know those elements are in short supply to all!

Time To Grow This Spring!

Owner Loan Campaign: $1 Million by May 15!
Springtime is the season of new growth-- a beautiful time to be building our new grocery store at 2746 North Milwaukee! Our General Manager and her team are working hard to conceptually mold 10,000 square feet of raw space into expanded departments, a deli & beverage bar, a multipurpose room, and auto/bike parking to meet our community's needs. Now is your chance to invest directly in our capacity to increase access to sustainable, fair food-- and to support the local folks producing it!

This Spring Owner Loan Campaign is an important opportunity to demonstrate community commitment to our co-op's future. Reaching our $1 million goal through $600k in new owner loans this spring will be a strong show of confidence to our partners at Shared Capital Cooperative and the Chicago Community Loan Fund, who'll help us meet the total project budget. Here's our path forward:
Thanks to over 100 early Dill Pickle owner-lenders, we're already 40% toward our goal! With structural construction already underway at the new site, help us complete schematic design this week and move on to city permitting! It's your loan, your terms: 0-4% interest for 5-9 years. Ready to pledge now? Have questions? Get in touch with our campaign team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Project 2746: Building Cooperative Community

Project 2746 is a weekly event series building cooperative community in the Dill Pickle’s future home on Thursdays from 6-7:30pm. Come check out the space and stay to see what we're up to:
4/7: Invest in Your Values: a conversation on alternatives to traditional market investments with the Center for Changing Lives
3/31: Brews, 'Booch & the Board: swing by to chat with co-op directors about expansion plans, sample some locally brewed bevs, and see your owner loans at work! We've got an updated floor plan to share! 
3/21: A MUSICAL NIGHT w/ THE MAGICAL BEASTS: Ethan Pikas, pedal steel & banjo // Sharon Hoyer, vocals // Cara Sawyer, horn & vocals // Nathan Paulus, guitar & tunes // John Herbst, uke & banjo // Josh Miller, bass.
3/17: ART IN THE NEW SPACE! Draw, paint, sketch, and create. We provide the art supplies and snacks, you provide the talent!
3/10: GROW WITH US! Learn 'Soil Truthing' with Nance Klehm of The Ground Rules (bring a soil sample from your garden!) // Seed-starting with Lora Lode of Monticello Community Garden & Neighbor-Space // 'Bee Informed’ with Michael Thompson of Chicago Honey Co-op!/
2/25: HAPPY HOUR w/ Begyle Brewing! 

Help our co-op grow! Learn more about our Owner Loan Campaign.

Neighborhood Night: Add your Voice to the Vision on Jan.14, 5-9pm

We're growing to better serve you: a new location at 2746 N Milwaukee = full-service grocery + deli & seating + beer & wine + community room, coming Summer 2016.That means 35 new living-wage jobs, more dollars to local producers, and a growing capacity to meet our cooperative mission.

What products will be on the shelves? What programs will be offered? What will the space look and feel like? How can the co-op best serve its community? You decide!

Join us for a NEIGHBORHOOD NIGHT of cooperative planning at 2746 N Milwaukee, new store site on Thursday, January 14 from 5-9pm for an open house & community input stations, with a brief program & presentation at 7pm.

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