From Lisa Junkin, Board President

At present, we are actively looking for the co-op’s new home. A site search committee led by Sharon has spent the last few months meeting with our local Aldermen, talking with landlords and developers, and viewing potential buildings. As always it is important that we maintain confidentiality about potential locations, but if you are interested in the details of our search criteria, you will find them listed within the co-op’s governance policies.

To summarize:
1. We need to get bigger. Currently the board considers this to mean that we should at least triple our size, growing the store to more than 5000 square feet. This will allow us to expand our departments, a stated desire of co-op owners in surveys over the last two years.
2. We intend to stay within a one-mile radius from the current store in order to maintain the relationship we have with our beloved Logan Square community.
3. We want our new store to have ample bike and car parking to support our growing clientele.
4. Owners and staff have asked that we create space within the new store for demonstrations, classes and gatherings to expand the vitality of the Dill Pickle community. Beyond negotiating these specific needs and desires, the board remains focused on the larger intent behind this expansion. In addition to gaining needed breathing room, moving into a bigger location will allow the staff to purchase more local, clean and fair products at bulk prices. Our goal is not to become a boutique grocery store, but a resource for the whole community.

As our cooperative principles outline, we exist for the good of our community. As an independent, locally owned business, the Dill Pickle puts about 70% more money back into the local economy than chain stores do. As a cooperative business, we operate democratically and will always work to fulfill the vision that you, our owners, have generated.

Expanding the store will allow us to better fulfill our mission to offer healthy food choices and the benefits of cooperative practice to build a vibrant local community and more sustainable world. All co-op owners are invited to attend our monthly board meetings to hear extended discussions of our progress. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10 am – 1 pm at the Logan Square Library.

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