Hands-On Owner

The Dill Pickle's Hands-On Owner (HOO) Program enables members to take an active role in the co-op’s operations, outreach, and governance through voluntary workshifts.


Why become a HOO?

  • It's the best way to get to know the co-op you own, the folks who work there, and your fellow member-owners! Connect with your community and collaborate and engage with our expanding network of HOOs. 
  • Get your hands into something you own, run, and believe in. Be empowered as an active participant in your co-op.
  • Keep the Pickle mission-focused by joining a committee to help shape our policies and further our education and outreach efforts, or by working at community events.
  • Enjoy an additional 15% shopping discount, effective the day of your workshift and extending for one week thereafter. (Discount does not apply to items already on sale or Basic Needs Basket items.)

Workshifts are approximately two hours in length and ideally recur on a weekly basis, though there’s plenty of room for flexibility. Current HOOs may schedule shifts via email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or be written-in on the store calendar. Prospective HOOs should plan to attend an Ownership Orientation before scheduling their first in-store training shift.

The Dill Pickle holds bi-weekly Ownership Orientations! All owners and prospective owners are welcome, new & old. Prospective HOOs are highly encouraged to attend an orientation prior to scheduling an in-store training shift. Experienced HOOs are invited to contribute to the program.

Content will hone in on who we are, what we do, how exactly we do it, and why it all matters. There'll be snacks, conversation, and co-op education. Come hang with your neighbors and help build our community!

Orientations take place at our shared office space at the Logan Share, 2864 N. Milwaukee. Check our calendar at the left for upcoming orientation dates.

Planning to attend? Contact Ally Young at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to sign up at least three days in advance of your chosen session.

Operations Training.
All new HOOs (and any current HOOs who’d like a refresher) will spend a dedicated hour of their first shift walking through a comprehensive tour of the store with an overview of all departments, covering spaces, stocking, workflows and floor priorities. For the remainder of that shift, tasks at hand will be completed under the loose direction of the shift lead, with plenty of time for questions.

Questions? Want more info? Curious about upcoming offsite HOO opportunities? Email Ally Young at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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