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Rebecca Reynolds

Owner #935

Currently serving on the board, appointed to a 1-year term vacancy.

Previously served on the board, 2013-14.

Why do you wish to serve on the board?

As a committed co-op member of many years I am passionate about the future of our store and how we serve the community and our members. The execution of the expansion is important for the success of our co-op and the message we are sending about the roles co-ops play in our communities. Having a full board of directors to support this transition who are committed to the long-term health of the co-op and its mission is critical.

I'm excited to bring whatever skills are required and dedicate to time to ensure our expansion is successful and our co-op is setup for long-term service to the community and our members.

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store
  • Annual Meeting attendance
  • Hands-On Owner program
  • Community outreach/workshops/events
  • Committee/project involvement 
  • Previously served on the board

Skills & experience

I bring experience in marketing, management, PR, organizing, and an extensive and wide network.

I hope that we create a store that is emblematic of what social justice practice looks like through the cooperative model.


I am not hired or retained by any organizations or community groups, I have many relationships and memberships to many organizations and groups. Most are leadership, political or organizing groups

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

Our store carries a wide variety of consciously picked products that fit the needs of our members and the community. Our store is a center for pulling folks in to dialog and educates about our responsibilities to act local and think global. Our store has positive relationships with and between the board, staff, members, consumers and community.

Additional info

I'm very excited for the future! Adelante!