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Celeste Levitz-Jones


Why do you wish to serve on the board?

I want to serve on the DPFC Board of Directors in order to help ensure the Dill Pickle thrives by representing the interests of the owners and upholding the mission of the co-op. I am also interested in learning more about consumer co-ops and am looking for an opportunity to become more involved with my community.

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store
  • Annual Meeting attendance
  • Community outreach/workshops/events

Skills & experience

I have experience with small business ownership at Five Point Holistic Health, particularly in the fields of HR and marketing. I also have knowledge and experience of cooperative business models, both as a member-owner of a worker cooperative and having lived for four years in a housing co-op. I have eight years experience working in the foodservice industry as a server and a prep cook, so I understand many of the challenges and unique needs of food industry businesses and their workers. I am an eight-year resident of Logan Square, and it is the only home in Chicago I have ever known. I am committed to building my local economy by supporting local farmers and businesses, as well as making high-quality, nutritious foods affordable and accessible. I hope that my tenure on the DPFC board will provide me concrete opportunities to work in the food justice movement in my community.


Member-owner of Five Point Holistic Health.

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

A successful future at the Dill Pickle looks like a great place to work for all workers by having fair pay, an organized work environment, and good communication between staff and management. It includes consistency of products, services, and customer experience throughout the store as well as effective marketing strategies that reach a broad audience while maintaining small business charm. It includes community involvement that reaches the many diverse populations of the Logan Square and surrounding neighborhoods and community education of cooperative business practices. Finally, it involves member engagement and participation so that members become informed spokespeople and advocates for the store and its mission.

Additional info

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application!