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George Langford


Why do you wish to serve on the board?

I love the Co-op. My kids are now at an age where I feel I can dedicate some more time to issues that are important to me (13, 10 and 8 years BTW). The opportunity to serve the co-op would allow me to give back to an institution I value, help foster and expand the community of owners of which I am a part (and the general Logan Square Community),  contribute to a sustainable world particularly as it relates to the ethics of food production and create an opportunity to learn through the process of discussion and collaborative decision-making. The success of the co-op requires investment at different levels by its membership. I’ve submitted my application so that I may invest in the future of the Dill Pickle Food Cooperative. I would be honored to serve as a director.

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store
  • Annual Meeting attendance
  • Committee/project involvement (currently serve on the Policy & Bylaw Review Committee)
  • Community outreach/workshops/events

Skills & experience

I joined the Dill Pickle Coop because I love the mission and the fact that it is local. (Sometime ago) I went to Hampshire College where the notion of a co-op seemed very normal. I didn't realize how lucky I was. Although I joined as soon as I heard about the co-op, I found it difficult to become fully vested and found it expensive to shop at the Dill Pickle. I felt ashamed about my lack of vesting and stopped going to the store. During the recent campaign, I felt more capable to participate, I vested up to the $500 level and have enjoyed bringing my family (three kids) to the store again.

About me: Professionally, I've spent 18 years managing long-term projects. In my current role as Assistant Dean of Facilities and Information Technology at Northwestern University's School of Law, I am responsible for strategic vision, budget management and institutional alignment in my areas of responsibility. I regularly work with contractors and vendors, work to align spending with priorities and navigate complicated scenarios in a collaborative fashion. I'm a vegetarian and have lived in Logan Square for 11 and change years. Lastly, issues of diversity are important to me, as a black man, there are ways in which co-ops and minorities haven't seemed compatible (it's a generalization but perhaps you know what I mean). While I can't speak on behalf of any group, I can add a unique set of experiences and help to advance the worthy cause of this cooperative. I hope you'll have me.


None listed.

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

Continued integration into the neighborhood and local community, expanded role in the conversation about the ethics of food/food production, continued efforts to lead by example when it comes to diversity, more great food. The opening of the new store is a fantastic milestone, significant in a way similar to the opening of the first location. As circumstances change, as we understand our role and responsibilities differently, the Board serves to help align the co-op's actions with its principles and intentions. A successful future is one in which we continue to live up to the ideals that brought this cooperative into existence, where we recognize how far we've come and put in the hard work to provide service to the community (in new and expansive ways).

Additional info

If this position doesn't pan out, I'd love to help out as I can.