Shelby Phillips

Owner #1944

Why do you wish to serve on the board?

I am interested in serving on the Board to bring my expertise in food systems to help Dill Pickle thrive during this period of expansion and growth.

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store
  • Consulting services 

Skills & experience

I bring expertise in food systems/supply chains; technology; non-profit management and operations; entrepreneurship. I operate a consultancy focused on supporting food businesses through technical assistance and project management, of which Dill Pickle is a past client.

Looking to gain experience in a cooperatively operated and managed organization.


Chicago Food Policy Action Council working group member

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

Dill Pickle established as a credible, repeatable model capable of incubating other community-owned businesses.

Additional info

As a member/owner, my hope is that the Board fully reflects the diversity of the community, both in the neighborhood and Chicago at large. As excited as I am at the opportunity to join, want to be totally transparent that I am a white man and as such not part of the broader representation of that rich diversity.