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‘Tis the season!

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Meet our PIE BAKERS:


Willamette Valley Pie Co

Apple, Pecan, and Pumpkin (with vegan options) from $9.99

All WV pies are handmade from scratch and filled with Grade-A whole fruit, shepherd’s grain (non-tilled sustainable farmed wheat flour), pure (and vegan) cane sugar, and organic sustainable-sourced palm oil from Palm Done Right. No preservatives, water, starch, or additives are used.

Meet our Turkey Farmers: 

LOCAL  Piper City, IL

Piper City, IL


Whole birds: 12-18lbs, $4.49/lb. (FROZEN)

"TJ's offers all-natural, free-range chicken and turkey products, along with farm-fresh eggs. Our poultry is "pasture"-raised on chemical-free grass and alfalfa, giving them plenty of room to roam, fresh air and a healthy way to live and grow. No antibiotics used and fed an all-natural diet containing no animal by-products."

LOCAL  Cannon Falls, MN

Cannon Falls, MN


Whole birds: 10-12lbs / 14-16lbs / 18-20lbs $2.49/lb. (FROZEN)
Bone-in breast: 5-8lbs, $3.49/lb. (FROZEN)

"We take pride in growing turkeys the way both our farm’s namesakes and nature intended. Without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. Free-range during the warmer months. Fed their natural diet of grains, vitamins and minerals from a local feed mill. And processed-naturally, without additives. We believe that if you’re going to do something, do it the right way. We thank you for choosing local foods from family farms like ours!"


Talking Turkey

Understanding some commonly used poultry-producing terms can help put you in the know. It’s important to note that some terms are regulated, while others are not. When in doubt, ask your friendly co-op staff for more information-- we're happy to help! 

Organic. Poultry that meets the requirements of the National Organics Program (NOP) has been raised in housing that permits natural behavior, with outdoor access, has been fed certified organic GMO-free feed (including pasture), has not been given antibiotics or hormones and has been processed organically. The USDA organic label requires producers to follow production and handling practices in accordance with the national standards; certifying agents ensure compliance through annual inspections.

Free-range. This USDA regulation means that the animal has been allowed access to the outside. The government doesn’t specify that poultry must go outside, for how long, or the amount or kind of space that must be provided, but the idea is that poultry is free to roam outdoors and engage in natural behaviors (this is the way most poultry was raised before high-density confinement was introduced in the 1950s). And poultry that exercises produces leaner meat.

Natural. USDA allows this label to be used when a product contains no artificial ingredients or added colors and is only minimally processed. The label must explain what “natural” means, so be sure to read on. It might say “no added colorings or artificial ingredients; minimally processed,” for example.

“No hormones added.” means just that, but keep in mind that Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising poultry, so this term should apply to all poultry anyway. Regulations also require that if a poultry label says, “no hormones added,” it must also say, “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.”

“No antibiotics added.” means that the producer has provided documentation to the USDA that the animals were raised without antibiotics.

Cage-free. Poultry that’s cage-free is allowed to roam, but not necessarily outdoors. This allows poultry to engage in some natural behaviors, such as walking, nesting, and perching. However, this term is not regulated by USDA nor by third-party certifiers for poultry, though it is regulated for eggs.

Pastured poultry. This is a term coined for chickens raised on grass pasture all of the time after the initial brooding period. However, this term does not guarantee that poultry feeds only on pasture.

Fresh. A “fresh” poultry label means that the temperature of the raw poultry has never been below 26 degrees F. (Frozen poultry, on the other hand, has a temperature of 0 degrees F or below.) A turkey could be kept at 27 degrees F for weeks or even months, though, and then sold as “fresh.” Ask our meat department for details on the freshness of our birds.


Anddd... Holiday Hams in the House!

JAKE'S country meats

Bone in Smoked Ham: 8-12lbs, $6.99/lb.
Boneless Smoked Ham: 6lbs, $6.99/lb.

"Jake's Country Meats is a true family farm dedicated to producing premium pasture raised pork, beef, and poultry. Raised in the small farm tradition using local and sustainable practices, our meats are better tasting and more nutritious - produced from humanely raised animals fed all natural diets. Our meat reflects our dedication and commitment to our animals, the land and our families."