Owner Loan Program

$985,000+ invested in our growing co-oP!

Owner loans are a crucial piece of the financing (along with equity and commercial loans) that will help us build our new store at 2746 N Milwaukee. More competitive pricing of natural and organic groceries, broader product selection, fresh deli foods and beverages, beer and wine, a community room, dedicated parking, and expanded aisles and back-stock are some of the benefits coming to the community served by the Dill Pickle Food Co-op. Thanks to over 210 owners, our Owner Loan Program has helped cultivate over $985,000 in working capital to date. 

Throughout the history of food co-ops across the country, owner loans have provided a unique and powerful financing tool towards building capital improvements for their business. They offer co-ops such as the Dill Pickle significant capital resources while sharing the financial risk across a broad base of individuals and households within a community. Being an owner of a food co-op comes with the principle of Economic Participation--and making an interest-bearing loan to our co-op on your own terms (6-9 years at 0-4% interest) is a great way for owners to activate this principle. Owner loans will help bring more good, local food and stronger cooperative practice to our community. To learn more about the Owner Loan Program, please contact ownerloans@dillpickle.coop.

Not yet an owner? Visit the store to join! Already an owner but not ready to make a loan? If you have not already become fully-vested ($250), or if you have not reached the optional cap of equity investment ($500), now would be a great time to top off your equity and help your co-op's expansion project.