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Tony Bezsylko

Owner #944


Why do you wish to serve on the board?

To help the Dill Pickle Food Coop fulfill its mission of building community through sustainable food practices, cooperative governance, and nurturing a positive and healthful work environment for its employees.

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store 
  • Annual Meeting attendance
  • Hands-On Owner program
  • Employee

Skills & experience

I nearly completed a PhD in philosophy and consequently have skills in critical reading, listening, thinking, writing, arguing, and speaking. I am a long time owner, former Hands on Owner, and former Employee of the Dill Pickle and consequently know the Pickle well. I have also been part of a food coop for nearly 25 years and so deeply embody the values of food coops. I am Sous Chef and Co-owner of Cellar Door Provisions in Logan Square, a restaurant whose mission it is to support and improve sustainable food practices, support and promote small independently owned business, and build community through radical inclusivity and fun.


I am Sous Chef and Co-owner of Cellar Door Provisions, which is aligned with the Dill Pickle Food Coop, The Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Lula Cafe, The Green City Market, The Farmers of the Green City Market, many other farmers in the Midwest, Pilot Light, and others.

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

Improved quality of product, increased financial stability, broader and more radical community inclusion.

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