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Dafina Castro

Owner #1980

Why do you wish to serve on the board?

"As a member-owner it is important to me to not only support the Co-op as a consumer, but also to be more actively involved in the operations and governance, and to become part of a like-minded group that cares about business philosophy that values more than the bottom line. I love the Co-op’s mission to serve the community and I'm excited to play a larger role in supporting it to reach its full potential. In addition, I would like to be of help with forging partnerships with community groups, find new products to sell and develop relevant educational programming, such as cooking, craft classes and seminars on aspects of food production and distribution."

Owner participation

  • Shopping at the store 
  • Annual Meeting attendance
  • Community outreach/workshops/events
  • Committee or project involvement (Inclusion & Access working group)

Skills & experience

Over 20 years of work experience in various industries supporting IT projects, data analysis and management. Passion for food, cooking and gardening. I hope to get more engaged in community services, strengthen communications skills and get better understanding of the legal and financial aspects of the organization.


None listed.

success for the dill Pickle looks like...

Developing stronger local food system and in the same time better serving owners through an affordable shopping experience.

Additional info

With no previous experience serving on a board of directors I see this opportunity to get more involved in the operations of the co-op. I have resided in Logan Square for 9 years and I would like to see the neighborhood preserve its diversity and affordability and attract more community oriented residents and families.