The Dill Pickle Food Co-op offers healthy food choices and the benefits of cooperative practice to build a vibrant local community and more sustainable world. We meet community needs and strengthen area diversity through products, services, and education. 

OUR ENDS POLICIES support our mission:

  • Ends A: DPFC provides healthful, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible goods that its members and patrons can trust.
  • Ends B: DPFC has a commitment to progressive and humane animal stewardship.
  • Ends C: DPFC has a local focus.
  • Ends D: DPFC membership is a respected and valued choice. Active participation of the membership is a valued asset.
  • Ends E: DPFC members and patrons are well-educated in matters of healthful foods, environmental sustainability, fair labor practices and the cooperative business model.
  • Ends F: DPFC provides affordable products that make our values accessible to our diverse community.
  • Ends G: DPFC will balance economic, social and environmental responsibilities in the conduct of our business.