Brian Perea

Owner #2556

Why did you join the Dill Pickle? How have you participated as an owner?

I joined the Dill Pickle because I believe in its mission.  I strongly believe businesses should be locally owned and steered by a collective of people rather than an individual. Dill Pickle also offers a variety of healthy products that are locally grown, something very important to me. My grandparents were farmers in Mexico and I know the importance of supporting small scale farmers instead of large corporations.

Why do you wish to serve on DPFC Board of Directors?

As a long term resident of Hermosa and Logan Square I would like to contribute to its mission by helping its growth and development through proactively engaging community residents of diverse backgrounds. I believe the Dill Pickle has the potential to become more of a staple in the community and to extend the population of people it serves.

What perspectives, skills, experiences, or affiliations do you hope to bring to board leadership?

First and foremost, my personal values align with Dill Pickle's. My parents own a small business in Humboldt Park where I often helped manage. I have experience in the day to day operations of a small business. I am a life long resident of Hermosa and Logan Square and I'm very involved in my community both as a community organizer for Logan Square Neighborhood Association and  as a resident. As a result of my involvement, I have access to a wide network of diverse people.

In light of our recent expansion, how might the co-op open its doors wider to prospective new owners and community members?

I believe the co-op can reach prospective new owners and engage community members through educating folks of the importance of having co-oped owned businesses instead of big boxed stores and corporations. The Dill pickle has been a very active business in community issues and it has the potential of becoming an anchor institution where people can come together and further create and grow in community.

Anything else you’d like to share?