Cooperative Governance 

The Dill Pickle is a cooperative corporation incorporated in Illinois. Our owners annually elect three seats to a nine-seat board of directors to oversee the General Manager through policy governance.

2017-18 Board of Directors


The Dill Pickle Board of Directors currently meets on the third Monday of each month, 6-9pm in the admin office (basement) of the new store, 2746 N Milwaukee Ave. Meetings are open to all owners who wish to attend as observers. The first 10 minutes of the monthly agenda is open for owner questions and comments.


View the proposed January agenda. If you would like to express your viewpoint on an issue coming before the board or suggest an item for next month's agenda, please contact us at

Meeting minutes


key DOcuments

  • The Bylaws of the Dill Pickle Food Co-op set out the terms of co-op ownership, election and duties of the Board of Directors, duties of officers, duties of the General Manager, and meetings of the ownership. This document is set by the Board and changes are approved by a vote of the ownership.
  • The Policy Register of the Dill Pickle Food Co-op describes the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, and the methods it uses to oversee the co-op. The Board uses the formal system of policy governance to establish a structure for its work.
  • The Director Job description outlines qualifications and expectations for individual members of the Board. 

Committee CONTACTS

  • Finance Committee: Ed Corcoran,
  • Policy Committee: Ally Young,
  • Election Committee: Rebecca Reynolds,
  • HR Committee: Sean Shatto,