Behold! 6 New Parking Spaces!


There's a popular metaphor in meeting-speak for topics put on hold for discussion at a later time: the parking lot. Since our inception, the Dill Pickle has only had a metaphorical parking lot...until today, thanks to the investment of our amazing co-op owners! Construction just finished on our tidy little six-space covered parking area immediately behind the store, off the alley that connects Kimball to the Spaulding cul de sac. Additional bike racks are available in the parking area too, right by our back receiving door. We're so excited to have built a store more easily accessible by train, bus, bike and car and we couldn't have done it without equity from more than 2,000 co-op owners and loans from more than 200 of those owners.

Though we're putting the finishing touches on our construction project, we still need owner investment to shore up the remainder of our working capital. To date we're raised over $1,000,000 in loans from Dill Pickle owners. We have just $118,000 left to raise to meet our working capital needs. Help us keep this beautiful new store strong and growing by making an owner loan today. To learn more, visit And thank you!