Finishing Framing

From the GM: Each Tuesday morning the construction team, along with myself and our store manager, sit down to review the project timeline, budget, and next steps for the buildout of 2746 N. Milwaukee. I really look forward to these meetings; it’s exciting to see the progress over the last week and learn about the complex beast that is a full-service grocery store construction project. The level of coordination required to keep all the subcontractors, licenses, inspections, and escrow draws chugging along together apace with the schedule is nothing short of mind-boggling, and I’m grateful to have strong team driving us toward a late-summer opening.

Last week framing finished up, plumbing drilled for floor drains and a temporary wall went up, hinting at the future location of our vestibule (which will be big enough to hold carts! Real carts!). This coming week the old storefront will come down, to be replaced with energy-efficient glass and a new front entry.

All this has been made possible by you, our owners and owner-lenders who have funded a truly landmark project in our city. Thank you! And, as you know, we’re not done yet. We still need owners to lend funds for working capital to keep this store chugging along post-opening.