We're owned and governed by 2,000+ neighbors working together to build a vibrant and just local food economy. 


Why become an owner?

  • Help us grow! Owner equity is the foundation of our expanding business.
  • Have a say! The co-op is accountable to you, our community of owners.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount once a month on the transaction of your choice. Stock up & save!
  • Place special orders at a 10% case discount.
  • Receive new owner bonus coupons when you join, and access to special owner deals.
  • Participate in our Hands-On Owner program to earn a steady 15% discount.

How does the co-op work?

  • Purchase equity for $100 per share to own between 2.5 and 5 shares in the co-op. ($250 minimum, $500 maximum investment.)
  • Invest up-front or in installments: $10/month, $25/month, or $50/year.
  • Receive your owner card, a copy of our bylaws, and additonal info when you join.
  • Provide your owner number when you shop to track your patronage and receieve your monthly discount.
  • Receive a patronage rebate during years when the co-op run a surplus.

How can I participate?

  • Join our Hands-On Owner program and work in the store or on a committee for 8hrs/ month to earn a steady 15% discount.
  • Shape the future by attending the annual meeting, participating in surveys and forums, or serving on the board of directors.
  • Vote in our annual election to seat new directors and approve bylaw amendments.
  • Connect and share through our newsletter, workshops, and events.