Community Composting

We've worked with The Ground Rules for years to recapture organic waste from our produce department and deli, returning nutrients to the soil in neighborhood gardens. We're excited to expand this effort with a home composting service open to the Dill Pickle community as a benefit of co-op ownership.

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Compost drop-off

Bring your full bucket to the compost cage in the back parking area of the co-op during open hours and ring the receiving doorbell for staff assistance. (7am-10pm weekdays, 8am-10pm weekends.)

Program FEES

$19.99 initial refundable deposit, includes first bucket.

$9.99 per bucket composting fee, paid each time you take a new bucket home from the co-op. ($5.99/bucket for co-op owners!)

The Ground Rules

Here are a few important tips:

  • Be sure your bucket’s lid is securely attached. Lidless or overflowing buckets can’t be accepted.

  • Return your full bucket within a week or two, before contents turn anaerobic.

  • Sort carefully! Here's a quick list of materials that can and can't be composted with The Ground Rules:


  • Meat of any kind.

  • Dairy, including cheese, butter, yogurt

  • Pizza, dough, fermented foods, pickles/vinegar/soy sauce

  • Oils, fats, candles,

  • Salty snacks, candy

  • Animal or human manure, pet litter

  • Plastic, glue, clothing


  • Raw fruits & veg: peels, husks, rinds

  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags

  • Egg shells, cardboard egg cartons

  • Shredded paper, napkins, plates

  • Flowers, house plants