A Truly Majestic Ventilation Hood

Up until a few weeks ago, the monumental nature of the Dill Pickle’s relocation project was measurable in blueprints, in ledgers, in hours of meetings and, less tangibly (but more powerfully) in the hearts and minds of a couple thousand Chicagoans who believe cooperation can change their neighborhood for the better. Now all that imagining and head-scratching and fundraising and redrafting and more fundraising* is made manifest in steel and concrete.


This week hundreds of feet of conduit, ducts and plumbing lines were hung from the ceiling of the first floor and the basement. A truly majestic ventilation hood now hangs over where our future deli cook line will be. I can’t speak for the visitors who toured the future home of the co-op a couple weeks ago at our Pickle Preview, but I’m continually awed at the scope of what we’re putting together here.  

And of course the physical rig is but one facet of the Dill Pickle gem; we’re planning hiring fairs, posting for new positions and spending a lot of time talking about how all our roles will grow and change with the physical store. I hope you’ll come in to take a peek at the construction progress, ask lot of questions and hear tales of your staff and board’s expansion trials and triumphs at our next Pickle Preview Sunday, July 23rd from 1-3pm. 

*And more fundraising! Help keep our project on track by investing in our owner loan program.